Welcome to our Academy!
At our Academy we have developed a Blueprint that will build confidence, teach self discipline and respect in our students.

Our focus is on teaching students self confidence through lessons ,mat chats and power words, giving them the ability to set and achieve goals for greater individual achievement at school and in life.

Being part of our Academy benefits our students in so many ways and improves their physical fitness, self control, self esteem and keeps them bully proof. 

Our Purpose - CKD Black Belt Academy exists to help our students overcome daily challenges through improving their lives.               
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More than Kick and Punch!

At CKD Black Belt Academy, our Martial Arts classes are more than just another sport ,we teach values to our students regardless of their ability.

Our offer - Try our classes for 1 week - $24.99!
We provide smaller classes sizes where students have fun, build confidence, get fit and learn the basics.​  Learn More About Us!or call us at 0401359458.