Most Asked Questions!
​​Q. How do your classes help my child?
A.  Using a balance of physical and mental training that helps your child with focus,confidence and self discipline, creating good habits to set and achieve goals.

Q. Why is self defence is good for kids?
A.  It helps kids protect themselves both mentally and physically to overcome daily challenges and build their self esteem.Self Defence combines various styles for different situations i.e grabs, kicks and punches and protecting yourself while on the ground.
Q. Could my child get hurt?
A.  We take precautions to provide a safe environment for all classes , i.e when practicing ,protective equipment is worn and our 90 mtraining area is covered with foam mats.

Q. How many kids are in your classes?
A.  So we can offer personalised coaching and mentoring, the average class size ranges from 5 to 13 kids.

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